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Tel: 01384 77255 Fax: 01384 77254 Email: sales@aqualift.co.uk Part of the DRINGI group

Size / material / finishes


        Product size from small shackle sizes to handling 4 ½ ton anchor

        Carbon & alloy steels



    Self colour





Design and development

    Technical advice and visits

    Technical Drawings

Vast array of MOD navel drawings & information




    Testing – NDT and destructive

‘Hot work’ ability

    ‘Hot work’ ability on site

    Forging capacity and skills

    Drop forging hammers

        Heat treatment

        Chain making open link & stud chain to 80 mm at present

    Linking, to 80 mm diameter Larger sizes can be achieved  on request


        Bending – up to 80mm dia

    Profile cutting

    Mig and Tig welding

'Cold work'

    Cutting and cropping

    Grinding & linishing


Shot Blasting

    Lathe work


        Horizontal CNC

    Vertical CNC

    Our own die sinking capability



   Tensile testing & certification with 2 machines  50 & 150 tonne

    NDT, die penetrent,

magnetic permiabilty, hardness